Player Versus Environment FAQ
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Don't forget there are in-game tutorials! If available, just click on the "Tutorial [?]" link on the top right of the page.
On this page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Player versus Environment contents in Estiah.
What is PvE?
Player versus Environment describes game events such as Arena or Dungeons, since you mostly fight monsters controlled by the server. Some other activities like gathering or animal racing also involve some PvE elements. Anyway, as long as you compete against the computer, you are pretty much in a PvE situation.
What is an Arena?
Every city has at least one arena, where you can prepare and test your Gears. Monsters in captivity are quite easy, and you gain gold when you win against them. It is the best place to level up your skills.
What is a Dungeon or an Event?
Dungeons and events are the true challenges of PvE content, and they are unique to each city. They usually come in several parts, you have to win all battles in order to meet the boss. Fights in dungeons are very various; you'll have to adjust your Gears quite often to beat these contents. But you'll get much better rewards than fighting in the Arena: you may receive gold, items and even Charms. Some skills can also only be learnt in dungeons.

Don't forget there is a daily limit to dungeons. You can complete the same dungeon twice per day; there is a clock on the city page that tells when the next reset is going to happen.
I'm tired of killing the same monsters in Arena!
Try out dungeons and events. Arena fights are meant to be very easy since it's for practice use.
I'm getting slaughtered by monsters in dungeons!
Remember that all dungeons are designed with special strategies. You can't just walk in and win with a random Gear. You'll have to pay attention to boss skills and try to figure out a counter-attack. While most dungeons' difficulty is balanced for all players, some rare dungeons may appear to be overly difficult to characters with certain specialization. You don't have to clear all dungeons to enjoy Estiah, but when you do, you are definitely an awesome player.
Who are those allies in some battles?
As you may notice already, Estiah is mostly about group fights. Teamwork is very important to win some key battles. So not only will you have to perform very well yourself, you must keep an eye on your allies too. You are likely doomed to lose if your allies are defeated too early in battles.
But those allies just do whatever they like...
It's true that you don't have control over them, you cannot change their Gears, but it doesn't mean they aren't cooperating with you. You have to find out their weakness and adapt your Gears to theirs. Like any teamwork, you need to think as a team and not just use your usual Charms.
Are there human allies as well?
Yes. Some events require a party of human players to start. In this case, you can talk over with your friends and come up with a great battle plan. Since you know perfectly what Gear your friends are going to use, it makes thing much easier. Every class specialization in Estiah has their own unique skills, and every set up should have a chance to win.
But I don't have any friends...
It doesn't mean you cannot play in those events requiring a party. You'll be able to join in a public party and when there are enough players, battles will be launched with a randomly-formed party. Of course, you won't be able to plan out all fights very well, but if your Gear seems to fit most situations, you still have a chance to win.
Ok, I have cleared all dungeons, now what?
Too bad (or too good) for you, this is probably not going to happen since we add new dungeons on a regular basis. So we hope you'll always have something new to try. If you really have all loot from every dungeon, you may be interested in challenging PvP to show other players how mighty you've become.