Character FAQ
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Don't forget there are in-game tutorials! If available, just click on the "Tutorial [?]" link on the top right of the page.
On this page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about characters in Estiah.
What is a Character?
A character is created when you register on The character's name will be the same as your login, and may NOT be changed later. Like many classic role-playing games, Estiah is mostly about character advancement. And the character grows stronger when he gains levels, acquires powerful Charms and items, learns advanced battle and trade skills.

A character in Estiah is defined by his four fundamental attributes: power, dexterity, intellect and constitution. Also please note that, in Estiah, intellect is not tied to magic and power not to melee.

Since the character is more or less your in-game avatar, you can upload a picture to present yourself to other players. You can easily do this in your account page, but uploading pictures containing celebrities, nudity, copyrighted materials will get your account banned till you remove them.
How does this Character Advancement thing work?
Unlike most RPGs, Estiah doesn't use a leveling system based off experience points. You improve your character by increasing his four fundamental attributes. In other words, these attributes work like experience points but have much more uses. Actually, the jobs you can take, the skills you can learn, the Charms you can use have often attribute requirements. You need to choose carefully which attribute you want to boost. Therefore, Character Advancement in Estiah is strongly tied to these four attributes, their optimal leveling is going to make your character stronger than ever.
Tell me more about the fundamental attributes.
Even though you are completely free to choose which attribute to increase, we designed Estiah in such way that you'll increase them in a natural fashion. You never need mathematical equations when you play, your preference for magic or melee, holy or shadow, axe or staff will guide you through the game very easily.
So how can these attributes be increased?
The main way to do this is by performing a daily job. Don't worry, jobs in Estiah are just few clicks, no labor is involved. But you must pay attention to their rewards since they make your character evolve, mostly.

Some skills and potions will increase your attributes as well, they are rather hard to obtain compared to jobs which are completely free. But high level players will have to go through them since jobs only reward normal growth and there is a limit to it. There is no level limitation in Estiah, but once you max out your normal growth, you can only level up with skills and potions.
Can monsters be slain by these numbers?
No, the fundamental attributes are not directly involved in monster slaying, but their growth will unlock powerful Charms so your character will perform much better in battles.
Wait, what are these Charms you were talking about from earlier?
Charms are what you fight with and fight for in Estiah. They are essence of weapons, armors, spells, knowledge... Since they can be quite anything, it's hard to define them in a few words, you'll have to read the story to understand. And they will be covered in details in battle FAQ, don't forget to check it out.
OK... So what should I do when the character becomes strong?
Get stronger.

There will always be game content too hard for your character to defeat, there will always be other players who easily beat you in player versus player battles. So there will never be a "Game Over" screen in Estiah. And we are working hard everyday to bring you new contents and features so you can enjoy every time you return on
What if the character dies?
There is no character death in Estiah. They may be defeated in battles, but they will not suffer any penalties. As long as you play, your character cannot disappear in some way or other.