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Don't forget there are in-game tutorials! If available, just click on the "Tutorial [?]" link on the top right of the page.
On this page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the addons which can be bought with Phoenix Feathers.
Damage Meter
(1) This section shows a summary for all the players that had the Damage Meter module. You can see the total effective damage and spirit done in the entire fight. The bars allow you to compare your performance with that of the other players.
Next to the total damage values, you can see the average damage per turn (d/t) or spirit per turn (s/t) you did. Keep in mind that a series of extra actions is counted as a single turn.

(2) In this section you will have, for each player, a detailed description of what he did.

(3) Each line represents a damage type (magic, melee, pure, spirit). Pure damage is damage that cannot be prevented, with effects such as "target lose x life".
Those values are divided as such:
- Direct: For all damage you do with charms that hit the opponent directly.
- Indirect: All the damage done through auras, summons, poisons, and other delayed effects.
- Raw: The damage your attacks would have done to an unarmored opponent.
- Effective: The real amount of damage your attack did to the opponent.

(4) These are defensive statistics. The defense played is the basic sum of all the defense on the charms you used, while the effective defense is the amount of defense that successfully blocked your opponent's attacks. The healing value displayed is the effective amount of healing you received (overhealing is not taken into account).

(5) These bars are a graphical representation of the damage values displayed in (3). The thin part of each bar is the raw damage and the large part is the effective damage.

(6) This shows the amount of damage taken from each damage type.
The Notepad addon is a very convenient tool allowing you to take notes about dungeons, players, items etc. If you have this addon enabled, a little icon will appear on top right of every page. When you click it, a new window will appear where you can read and edit your notes.

After making a change, don't forget to [save]!