Estiah is a game that we started after two years of joy, laughter, pain and frustration in World of Warcraft. We are not going to introduce this unprecedented masterpiece that Blizzard has brought to us, since every "gamer" should at least have heard of it. That's why we have to thank Blizzard at first, because without WoW there would probably not be Estiah (as you see it).

This game is made out of our passion for RPGs, especially those from the old days. We just cannot list them all, but we do pay tribute to them in our game, more or less explicitly. So thanks to all of their makers.

Then comes a list of friends who helped (and are still helping) us improve Estiah :
   ► Cyrus the Lightminator
   ► Lyana aka Whinor
   ► Zile the Mad Tester
   ► Bo the Bear
   ► StJohn the Newbie Saver
   ► Yoshi the Cat (who has done nothing)

A special note of thanks to Estelle, who has drawn some of the illustrations for us.
You can visit her web site at

And of course, many thanks to all those who played in beta and all of you who are playing in our released version. Spread the word about Estiah if you liked our game, your continuous supports are our best rewards.
Come to think of it, we haven't introduced ourselves yet. We are just two bubble bears who suffered P.W.F.T (Post-Wow Frustration Trauma), and that decided to make Estiah in their free time to recover (Yeah! Even bears got a day time job).

Picture (©Blizzard) : After Blizzard announced there would be no further upgrade for bears, Lezard and Nipal, in protest against animal discrimination, decided to stop WoW (to spend their life on making Estiah instead...)