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On this page you can find the definitions for keywords appearing on advanced charms.
Focus (x)
When a charm with Focus effect is played, an opponent is designated and the next x actions played by you or your allies will target him. This is a key effect in fights with multiple enemies.
Protect (x)
Charms with Protect ability force the opposing team to attack the member who used for the next x actions.
Spirit damage
Spirit damage doesn't reduce opponent's HP, but instead reduces the amount of charms he will be able to use in the battle.
As armor protects against melee damage, each point of Willpower will protect you against one spirit damage.
Cleanse effect describes the charm's ability to remove all ongoing harmful effects on the target, such as poisons and damage reduction.
Purge effect is designed to remove all ongoing beneficial effects on targets, such as auras and damage boosts.
Normalize effect removes all positive and negative damage modifiers on the target.
Shifting damage
Some charms have the Shifting keyword. It stands for damage that can be either melee or magic depending on the situation when it is played: it will always choose the type that does the highest damage.
A character using a Vanish charm while under the opposing team's Focus will stop being their designated target, bringing disorder to their teamwork.
Break Focus
A charm with Break Focus will remove any Focus your team had, but will also clear any Protect effect that your opponents may have used.
Lose life / Reduce target's life
These two effects designate damage that cannot be prevented by any armor or immunity.
An aura is a positive effect that will activate during multiple turns. It triggers when you are stunned, but not when you take an extra action. It is removed by the Purge effect.
A bane is a negative effect that you apply on your enemy and that will activate during multiple turns. It does not trigger when he is stunned, but it does when he takes an extra action. It is removed by the Cleanse effect.
A summon is a creature that will have an effect on the field during multiple turns. It triggers when you are stunned, but not when you take an extra action. A summon cannot be removed, but its duration can be increased or reduced with special effects.
A curse is an effect either positive or negative that applies during multiple turns. It triggers both during stuns and extra actions. It cannot be removed.