Account Ranks
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On this page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about account ranks in Estiah.
What are account ranks?
The rank of your account is not defined by how you make your character evolve, but what you do outside the game. Contributions, forum activity, participation in contests... There are a lot of ways to change your account rank.
You can see the rank of a player by watching the color of his name in the player list and in the city chat.
This is the base rank that every player starts with. It is totally free, and yet it gives you access to all of the game contents: You can travel to all cities, visit all shops, explore all dungeons, acquire all charms, and so on.
You have, however, the possibility to contribute to the game by making small donations in exchange for interface upgrades (like extra gear slots), vanity pets or special titles.
This title can only be attained through special events. Though its name remains white, it has access to all the benefits of the "Devoted" rank.
If the lifetime donations of a player reach $30, then the account rank automatically upgrades to Devoted. Player will see his/her name appear in blue in general player list and other various pages.
This rank is given to the players who have made very special contributions to the game, especially in its early stage. If you are in need of help, and cannot find answers in the Forum, then do not hesitate to seek their advice.
The bunnies are the creators of this game. Even though they have been blessed by the bunny god, they remain players in this game. Do not hesitate to stand up to them in battle!