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Don't forget there are in-game tutorials! If available, just click on the "Tutorial [?]" link on the top right of the page.
On this page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about
What is Estiah?
Estiah may stand for the website or the imaginary world called Estiah.

The former is a browser game accessible via (for instance, the page you are viewing at the moment); As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), innovates this somewhat classic style of game with a lot of new and exciting features.

The latter is the name of the fantastic world imagined by its creators. The inhabitants of Estiah will certainly welcome you to join in their adventures and write the story of Estiah all together (For further reading about Estiah, please visit the story page).
Is Estiah free to play?
Yes. You can register, use and enjoy our game at no cost all. You are also most encouraged to tell your friends about this game and about your new adventures.
What is needed to play on
An up-to-date web browser is all you need to play the game. should run correctly on Firefox, Internet Explorer 6/7, but may have some minor glitches on Safari, Opera and other less popular browsers. Firefox is recommended by us if you are having any problems; it is free, open and secure (get Firefox here).

Caution: Javascript should be enabled in your browser, most browsers have this turned on by default though. Otherwise won't work at all.
Does Estiah work on Mac and Linux?
Yes, as long as you have a working web browser.
Are multi accounts allowed in Estiah?
Yes and no. While many browser games strictly forbid the same player to have several accounts at a time, TOLERATES multiple accounts. Players are allowed to have several accounts to raise their characters in different ways, but cheating behavior such as boosting the main character with support ones is NOT allowed. Although we did our best to avoid cheating with multi accounts during Estiah conception phase it may still happen, unfortunately.

Also, we do track players' in-game activity, if we find suspicious behaviors from possible multi accounts, we will launch a thorough investigation which may eventually lead to the removal of all these accounts.
So cheating is not allowed then?
No. Any cheating will result in the removal of the account (or accounts).

Notice that we do not ban the cheaters' IP. One of the reasons is to avoid complaints from the cheater's cat who will not be able to play because its master's network got banned.
Will there be an Estiah 2.0?
If you are asking if we're "Web 2.0" like all websites nowadays pretend to be, then yes, we already are.

If you are asking if we're preparing a new version, then yes too, lots of new content and features are a work in progress.