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You will find here a quick presentation of the exciting, epic features of the Estiah MMORPG. There is nothing to download or install in order to start playing, everything is done through your web browser. Follow this link to create your character and start your adventures in the epic world of Estiah right away!

A free to play innovative MMORPG

Playing Estiah is completely free. People supporting the game may receive cosmetic upgrades, but all the features are open to everyone, and the game balance revolves around player skills only.

Complete features

Estiah delivers the full set of game aspects that any basic MMORPGs should have. It includes strategic Player versus Environment contents for players of all levels, a balanced Player versus Player system, dynamic guild battles, a sophisticated economy and a lot of other fun features. You'll never get bored in the world of Estiah since it's not only about monster slaying!

► Groundbreaking game design

Estiah takes the "multiplayer" part of MMORPG very seriously, as you hardly fight monsters alone. In single player dungeons, you are often faced with multiple foes at once, and sometimes you can even team up with computer controlled characters. At higher levels, you will come across multiplayer dungeons that require you to group with other players. You will then be able to prepare your battle plans, and try your hands on the most challenging events of the game.

A game for all

The makers of Estiah bear deeply in mind that not all people can spend unlimited time on a game. So Estiah can be played in both "hardcore" and "casual" ways. Those with a lot time can engage in every aspect of the game and try to be the best in everything; those with little time can still enjoy the game without hassle, while playing no more than a few minutes a day.

It's all about fun

No endless experience grinding, no repetitive gold farming, Estiah is only about having fun with a game. If you are tired of monster slaying, then become a clever merchant who makes profit from the ever evolving market rates. If you have seen too many quarrels between players, then try your luck in the animal racing and win prizes while watching your favorite pet run. Anyway, just enjoy the game in your way!

► Still a lot more...

You can proceed to the registration page right now if you are eager to sign up. Or learn more about the battle system!