Trading Card Approach

Estiah's battle system is turn-based and closely tied to trading card games. You collect fighting tools known as Charms and assemble them into battle gears to face monsters. Needless to say, with a growing number of Charms everyday, the choices of battle plans are almost unlimited. It's up to you to you to create your own unique fighting style.

Unmatched Teamwork

What Estiah truly innovates is the tight teamwork between you and your allies, be they computer-controlled or your friends. Many Charms are designed to handle battles where many players are involved, and some special Charms have even the ability to change their effects based on what your allies did. A good teamwork is what will make you a good player, since epic battles are sometimes not only about one on one duels.

Thorough conception

Beside the usual melee/magic duality in a heroic fantasy world, Estiah introduces a complex system of Runes. At lower levels, you can safely ignore them without harming your gaming experience. However, to truly master Estiah, you'll have to pay attention to how these runes are affecting battles and your character's advancement.

Atypical leveling

Character leveling in Estiah requires little effort. You only need to play regularly to make good progress. Since the leveling is not experience driven, you don't need to slay an astronomical number of monsters to gain levels. Your character will evolve through skills that are awarded at the end of fights, and that depend only on the way you fought. You can then spend more time in improving your charm collection, since the more you have, the better you are able to adapt to any situation.

High replay value

With three tiers of specialization, 24 classes in total, Estiah provides you with a very diversified gameplay. Class-bound Charms make these specializations very unique, so you can enjoy the game in a different way each time you start a new character. And don't forget, there is never a game-over screen in Estiah!

Constant evolution


New features are added to Estiah on a regular basis. As you play, Estiah is evolving at the same time. Every time you return to the game, you may discover something new. Patches are released on a very regular basis to ensure the best gameplay and content balance, as well as new dungeons or events. The fairness of the game is the first concern to the makers of Estiah.
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