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To join a guild with open member slots, you will need to ask one of the officers to send you an invitation.
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Guild Description
.: Guild Master Gr2ffo -- Head of Recruitment & Welcoming Commitee
.: Drill Sergeant Karlanko -- Arranges the squads
.: Battle Strategist Foods -- Initiates sieges and battles
.: Treasury Master Rhino -- Distributes GHP

**Winners of the 31st Contest: The Missing Golem**
**Runner's Up in the 30th Contest: Pumpkin Feast**

We have an external forum with discussions on dungeons and gear setups as well as guidance on most of the contest quests. Outside of that we are more than willing to give any help to those in our guild who may need it. So, given the benefits, why not join already? :)

We are looking for generally active members (i.e. build every day, improve your character) who are friendly (or can act friendly online) and are trying to be a better player.

If you are interested in joining us, please PM the guildmaster or one of the officers.

Forum: http://yuocollective.lefora.com/

**Mostly Inactive Now**
It was a pleasure while it lasted everyone.