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To join a guild with open member slots, you will need to ask one of the officers to send you an invitation.
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Guild Description
Stuff to know about us:

We are a small group of players that seems to be getting smaller, meaning those of us still around are estiah addicts with more alts than is good for our health.

We don't really recruit, but if you are doomed to spend the rest of your life pining to join us, we *might* be persuaded if you have a special interest in pvp & gvg. Creative bribes are welcomed.

If you are looking for a guild to help you learn the game and support your growth, we are probably not the right guild for you. Currently we are 5 active players juggling 34 characters. Yeah, you do the math - it's not healthy. I might have mentioned that already.

We rarely accept guild battles.

We're not pussies (well ok one of us is), we just have little interest in fighting only your best, handpicked squads, and using our guild ap to do so.

We do however, welcome all sieges. We really enjoy being continuously raped by guilds that outnumber and/or outlevel us. We particularly love returning the favour as we grow.

Karma is our bitch and we love her so :)