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Estiah is a free browser based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It offers a rich game experience for both novices and online RPG experts. No download, no membership fee

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Features :
Discover the vast and exciting world of Estiah.
Challenge the player versus environment

(PvE) contents by defeating monsters and exploring dungeons.

Fight against other players and climb on

top of the PvP ladder


Create or join a guild, build various structures to expand it, and participate in large scale guild wars.

Travel between a high number of cities to

buy and sell goods

, try to make profit from predicting the highly advanced economic system.
Wield deadly weapons, cast destructive spells, summon powerful creatures...

invent your own unique fighting style

Specialize yourself in one of the twenty four character classes.
Team up with your friends and fight together in the most

epic adventures

Adopt an animal as your pet, train it and enjoy watching it run or fight.
Preparing For What Is To Come (2014-01-22 09:58:03 by Nipal)
Nope, we didn't forget about Estiah; we are working on it everyday, or rather, on what is coming next. Usual dwellers on our forum boards know that we are near Estiah2 beta relaunch, and we have to do some preparation work this week to better host the new game.

That's why we have to perform a server migration later today (2014-01-22), around 16h (Paris time GMT+1). Don't be worried if becomes unavailable for a few hours, it will be right back, soon.

We are sorry about the inconvenience, and thank you for playing as always!
1826 Days And Counting (2013-05-17 14:05:57 by Nipal)
It has been a while since we posted anything, mainly because there was not much game-related news. While Estiah is still alive and well, it is obvious that our player base has diminished significantly from the peak moment. No need for worries though, we are not going to close up the shop any time soon.

So, what has been keeping us busy? Estiah2 of course. During the beta, players had the chance to get a glimpse of how the battle system worked in PvP, we are now working mostly to build up PvE content for a full game release. As always, we cannot tell when it will be finished and we will not say "soon", but we want it out as much as our devoted fans.

Anyway, today is Estiah's fifth birthday, we would like take this chance to thank all our players, without you we certainly would not have made this far. So in short, this post is here to say: "Thank you for playing, the game is not over yet :)"
Meet An Old Friend (2012-07-12 22:07:48 by Lezard)
After a relatively quiet period, we are back to release a patch that includes a new high level dungeon.
This event is located in Draka and is aimed to level 50 players. In it, you might be able to meet an old acquaintance...
Misha can be thanked for this adventure!

You can find the full patch notes in this topic.
Achieve This! (2012-04-29 18:53:19 by Lezard)
A lot of new achievements have just been added to the game. Some of them are very challenging, but they will give rewards that could, up to now, only be acquired with Phoenix Feathers.

Good luck to all the achievers out there!
Time to Hunt (2012-01-22 14:23:17 by Lezard)

Happy new year everyone!

We are launching today a new contest, open to guilds of all levels. You will find all the details of this treasure hunt in this topic.
Maybe this will help us understand why the Santa Golem could not be brought up this year!

Good luck to all, and happy questing.
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